The Many Faces of the A.O.T.E Epic Medieval Fantasy Series.

Three hundred fifty year old Zacura Bloodclaw is a Trivouchion Red Horn, a species of hellhound that was created to uphold order on the planet of Evernia. Left orphaned due to the Wars of Origin, the hound, now an adult and alpha to her clan, sets off on a journey of new beginnings in a decaying world. Foreign dialects, exchanges of power and a dwindling prey territory stand in their way of advancement. Viewed as an abominable race by most of civilization, Zacura leads her pack into uncharted territory in order to outrun a fate thought to be unavoidable. Death looms over the continents of Evernia in the form of a plague like cloud known as the Raxonian Bane. Its creation is unknown; however, its burden humbles both monarchs and commoners alike.

Rumored to be the next in the line of succession of those known as Keeper's, Zacura comes to cross paths with races etched in history as archenemies. Dragons who walk as human, a Tyliquin witch known as Tonisa who wields god like magic and claims the moniker soothsayer, as well as a white wolf who becomes her mentor. Prophecy states that the Elemental Gemstone is the lock to securing a promised tomorrow, leaving Zacura as its key. Bigotry, racism and greed have doomed the planet to its oncoming fate, leaving nearly every realm at arms turning brother against sister and rebellion on the reigning crown. Loyalty has been lost, leaving power and bloodshed as the common currency.

Continue the quest to save Evernia, in book two, of the seven book series for AOTE.
The first battle for Evernia and the search for the Elemental Gemstone has left every side of the war battered and broken. The peace treaty formed by the both the Dragons and Hellhounds has come to be broken, or so it is thought. Zacura Bloodclaw, the seventeenth Keeper of the Elements has gone missing, rumors spreading far and wide that she came to perish in the battle of Morgaideign. New ancient breeds known as the Imorti have come to demand payment for a blood debt made nearly three centuries before. Can King Calira and his newly crowned Queen defend their territory against the old and feared breed, or will they fall to their will. The Raxonian Bane, a mysterious and destructive fog of uncertainty continue to sweep the lands, leaving death and darkness in its wake. With Evernia's only hope among those who have vanished, will allegiance and bloodshed prove enough to keep life revolving on the planet. Join the battle for Evernia and find out today.

Exion Ves'mato TT-7-3 "And so like the rain, the heavens fell, and with its halls, blood rained from the sky like the tears of a weeping widow. Both soil and sky shall tremble in the wake of joining the elements of fire and air. The ignorance of brothers will cause the extinction of life birthed by the land, while the memory of allegiance is granted to no other than the thief."

Zacura Bloodclaw, the known savior of Evernia has vanquished the noxious cloud known as the Raxonian Bane. Now at peace with a world being reconstructed, the Keeper is met with an even darker future, her true lineage. Faced with doubt and shrouded by a veil of impending doom, the female Red Horn embarks on what she believes is her final journey. With her draconic guardian at her side, Zacura ascends to the heavens to free the hidden truth about her parentage and possibly bring ruin to Hailotia itself.

Left unprotected by the chosen, Evernia once more falls to the turmoil of men. The children of both the Soothsayer and the Vessel have come to extend the feud between House Draconvieh and House Talon. Unknowing of the eruption of causalities to come, both the bastard born and the rightful heir begin to unravel the weavings of peace laid forth by Zacura. In her time away, will the meaningless battle of greed corrupt what she has managed to heal? Or will the destruction of her planet evolve her mercy into vengeance?

In the feared Kingdom of Morgeideign, dragons are enslaved, and women are no more than breeding stock. Incest, blood magic and freedom are all but banished from the land. But, all that is about to change for the daughter of the Tyrant King Ephesious. Uonata Paraxious the only Princess of Morgeideign has been living in secluded sin for most of her life. Left ignorant to the happenings of the world, the young girl of fifteen falls to her brother's bed in comfort. When the damned and incestuous relationship between prince and princess begins to decay, Uonata embarks on a journey of conquest, equality and justice, all while riding the cusp of adulthood. The princess seeks to break the chains of oppression and bring justice to women and dragons alike.

Four years after the destruction of Morgeideign, Uonata embarks on the second phase of her journey. While studying the ancient arts of sanguinity the princess turned conqueror sets off to free every dragon forced to  do the bidding of malicious men. All the while the young mother balances war and motherhood in her conquest.

The rebellion is threatened by new villains know as The Gail's of Judgement. A militant group of mercenaries who desire to resurrect the era of slavery Uonata and her clan of dragons seek to eradicate. When the Gail's. threaten the legacy she intends to build, Uonata is forced to choose between freedom of her draconic allies or the safety of her own son.

A grouping of short stories and histories of both land and main characters from Amulet of the Elements, as well as, Degradation's Bane and many more. Indulge yourself in a vast and new world, featuring werewolves,hell hounds, dragons, gods and men, war and love. Find yourself lost in the adventures that have taken place upon the planet of Evernia and view the days that have yet to come. Journey to a world where the known becomes the reborn as you guide yourself through the fantasy world created by Manner Hall. Includes new languages, species and plant life never before seen in the Amulet of the Elements (AOTE) Book Series as of yet.

A world is never ready when it’s inhabitants forge war atop its soil. The innocent who come to be slain by the greed of their rulers never truly heal. I was born during the Wars of Origin, a time when Evernia was at its absolute best during its worst. Dark magic taken from the pits of the underworld had fled onto our birth soil. It was a war between gods and their creations, a lethal dance between dragons and witches. When the fighting, at last, came knocking on the doors of my childhood home, my marriage is what commanded it to cease.
The bitter north known as Lakum Ma’nut Vey became the foundation of the land I now rule over. A territory both highly respected and feared. When it came time to choose between my own life and the future of the hatchlings I had laid into my nest, I turned to bloodshed. I chose war alongside my draconic mate and built a nation atop the bones of my enemies. We were dragons, ones of pure, unaltered power. Back then we were what every being feared, the unknown. I am Queen Yo’jalil Secretar of Carpeisia, and this is my story.

Love, an often misunderstood term for a group of emotions shared between two beings. Romance, a word used to sugarcoat the raw feelings of sexual desire. Witch, a title applied to damn even those of holy upbringing. I stand a Soothsayer, a Tyliquin witch. A being created from the lust of a god and the willingness of his creation. Some view me as a savior of the old ways, while others see me as nothing more than their damnation. I have served corrupted serpents. I have been beaten, raped and sold into slavery. Through all the pain I have endured from birth to adulthood one thing stood true. The love and bond I had with my soul’s keeper. A mythical beast named King Calira Draconvieh.

As time spun its webs, so many desired to hear my story, to reveal all the skeletons in my closet. No matter how long fate has kept me from my destiny, I now stand clinging to it with bloody and vengeful hands. My life story is hidden deep within the pages of this ancient book. The story of a mother, lover, warrior, and teller of fortunes. Though I feel as if the most crucial part of my history is the tale of Calira and I. A story of true love and devotion. One built atop the bones of those who dared keep me from him and the blood of the women he took to bed. My name is Tonisa Tyliquin and the book now in your hands is a passage into my mind.


Just because your love is not accepted by the eyes of the public does not make it unreal. Sometimes, the spiders of fate weave a web of forbidden parallels…


Sija and Nefarion built a bond on a mental, physical and spiritual level. A love that knew no barriers and had no concept of time or space.  It was a relationship that struck as rapidly as a beam of lightning. Twenty-two-year-old Sija Fa’rone had found her love at first sight. It was painted in the visage of a mysterious man named Nefarion.  Her life in previous years had been one in the shadow of her sister and the three husbands she claimed. It was for this reason that Sija’s parents drove a wedge between her and her new love interest. They had their doubts about the man, telling her that he was not who he claimed to be. They wanted a life of wealth for their daughter, one a harem of men could sustain.


Her parents had been correct. Nefarion was not just a man, he was a dragon walking in human flesh. A beast withdrawn from society for reasons he would never reveal for his own safety. Despite the warnings of her parents, Sija followed her heart and swore to break down the barriers of Nefarion’s mind. Hoping that one day she would have a love shared between only herself and the man she so desperately longed for.

Born to one of the most respectable houses known to the dragon community, Laxrindren Talon embarks on a tedious quest to find his place among the upper classes. Being promised to a princess from a family wealthier than his own, Laxrindren finds it hard to accept his fate. In his uncertainty he finds comfort and reassurance in the arms of a woman forbidden to him.


During this time, he finds out that he is to be the father of a bastard. Holding true to his honor he weds the woman in secret only to have his vows broken by an unknown being. In his journey to hold his marriage together, Laxrindren is faced with choices he never wished to bare.


When his wife is suddenly murdered, the prince vows to find her killer. When he does, he realizes that his vengeance must be set aside in order to protect his family name.

A Dance with Death takes you through the testaments and histories of Drathell told by the demons who help rule it. It is a collection of short stories pertaining to the underworld created by Manner Hall. From the history of hellhounds to the blending of death and life, A Dance with Death opens doors never before revealed in the Amulet of the Elements story arc.

The wisdom of those before us guide our path into the future. Only they can warn us of impending doom.

Wexlas ZT- 1-2


In a time before man and beast corrupted the world, those who created them foretold their fates. The goddesses of Hailotia forever etched history into their scrolls as a way to guide their creations.

Prophecies of the Damned lends visions to its reader of how the world came to be and how it will be destroyed.


The scriptures revolve around the ancient book known as the Qi’ath. A holy and worshiped book written throughout history since the beginning of time.