Manner Hall

Manner Hall, (26) lives her life at home with her loving boyfriend, and three dogs. She has been published since July of 2014 and has since then, expanded her expertise in writing, and management. While her most favored genre is Medieval and Epic Fantasy, Manner also ghostwrites crime fiction, biographies and Sci-Fi.


Her main book series Amulet of the Elements or A.O.T.E as it is sometimes known, is a seven-book series. It has several tie in trilogies and single novels. Her passion for writing was born from her night terrors as a young girl of thirteen. Since then, Ms. Hall has been able to build an expansive universe and realistic character development all while shining a light on common modern-day issues. She enjoys being active with her readers and followers and is an activist for animal rights as well as equality for all. Which she often depicts in her craft.