Hexonia Talon

Hexonia Talon is a main protagonist in the A.O.T.E series. She is the wife to King Laxrindren Talon, and daughter to Emperor Ramsra Raye’Zore. Lady Talon is the Queen of Crystal Springs, alongside her highly favored draconic husband. While she often walks in human flesh, the hidden dragoness claims the blood and lineage of the Frostfire breed of white and platinum dragons.

Princess Mah'levola Argon'Atsu

Mah’levola Argon’Atsu is one of the eldest daughters of King Zumaridi Argon’Atsu III of The Emerald Isles. She appears in book two of  A.O.T.E  Journey to Destiny. Like Hexonia, this devious hidden dragon comes from a high ranking family with heritage that mirrors the rich culture of ancient Egypt.

Tonisa Tyliquin/ Tonisa Draconvieh

Tonisa Tyliquin or as she is now known in the series, Tonisa Draconvieh, is the lead role antagonist on the A.O.T.E. Book series. She claims the heritage of Tyliquin Witches, a rare and dangerously powerful coven of magic wielders of the Sanguine arts. Unlike others who practice magic in the series, the Tyliquin’s are the only to also share genetics with the gods themselves. She is the mistress of the Dark Dragon King, Calira Draconvieh, who she comes to marry in the second installment of the series.